Where Can I Buy Diazepam in Sri Lanka?

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Understanding Diazepam Prescription and its Usages

Diazepam, popularly known as Valium is a benzodiazepine medication. It is commonly prescribed for anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and sedative effects. This article discusses the right dosage that should be given to patients who are on Diazepam prescription, its use in dentistry and availability within Sri Lanka.

Prescription Doses of Diazepam

The dosage of Diazepam varies depending on the ailment, age of the patient, as well as their general health. Here is a general guideline on usual doses for various illnesses:

Condition Typical Adult Dose Duration
Anxiety 2-10 mg 2 to 4 times per day S/term use
Muscle Spasms 2-10 mg three to four times per day Varies

Using Valium in Dental Procedures.

In dental practice, Valium can be used to ease anxiety and alleviate muscle spasms during procedures. The drug helps soothe the patients down while also reducing muscle stiffness thus making it easier for both dentist and patient during dental work.

The typical dosing of Diazepam for dental treatment would be:

  • Adults: 5-10 milligrammes taken before bedtime and another 5-10 miligrams one hour prior to appointment time.
  • Children: The dentist will determine the right dosage depending on the child’s weight and level of anxiety.

Above all, a patient should not drive or handle machineries that are heavy after taking Diazepam because it has sedative effects. The dentist will give individualized instructions to help patients with their specific needs.

Buying Diazepam in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, Diazepam is sold under different trade names including Valium. It falls under prescription only medicines meaning that one cannot access this without a valid prescription from a registered health care personnel.

If you want to acquire Diazepam in Sri Lanka you should:

  1. Consult with a healthcare provider to explain symptoms and know if Diazepam is appropriate for you
  2. Get your prescription from the healthcare provider
  3. Please go to reputable drug stores where you are not likely purchase counterfeit drugs.

To avoid dependence and side-effects, it is important to follow the prescribed dose and duration. Misuse of Diazepam can result into serious health problems including addiction.


Diazepam (Valium) is an adaptable medication which can be used for treating various conditions ranging from anxiety to muscle spasms as well as easing anxieties among dental patients. In order to obtain Diazepam in Sri Lanka, an individual must have proper documentation whereby each patient must comply with directions coming from their medical practioners before they can achieve its safe use.”

Patient safety while using diazepams depends on how appropriately they take them according to the medical guidance given towards them. This ensures that one effectively manages his/her symptoms while minimizing risks associated with diazepams use.

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