PMI Isostatic Polyester rope


The riggers dream rope.  Built to stay the course, whatever the course. Much less stretch other rope of the same construction.


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A PMI signature rope constructed of 100% polyester core and sheath. These ropes are specifically designed with super low elongation for specialty applications such as highlines and applications where professional rope technicians require absolute minimal elongation. These ropes are also engineered to stay rounder and have less sheath slippage than conventional kernmantle polyester ropes.

View A Comparison Breakdown with PMI ISO Static and Sterling HTP

ROPE 13mm Isostatic 12.5mm HTP 11.5mm Isostatic 11mm HTP
MBS 45.9kN 40.4kN 32.8kN 30.5kN
WEIGHT 125g/m 119.05g/m 96g/m 96.73g/m
SHEATH/CORE Poly/Poly Poly/Poly Poly/Poly Poly/Poly
COMPLIANCE NFPA 1983 (2017)G, CI1801 Static, ANSI Z359.15 NFPA 1983 G, ANSI Z133 NFPA 1983 (2017), T CI1801 Static NFPA 1983 T, ANSI Z133
ELONGATION @ 300lbs 1.2% 0.9% 1% 2.5%
ELONGATION at 10% MBS 1.8% 7% 2.2% Unavailable



11.5 mm, 13 mm


200 m (656 ft), 46 m (150 ft), 61 m (200 ft), 92 m (300 ft)


Blue w/ Green & Black, Blue w/ White & Green, Orange w/ Black & Green, Orange w/ White & Green



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