PMI Skedco Sked-Evac Tripod Storage Bag


SKU: SK701
  • Legs are adjustable in 5” increments
  • Tripod legs are secured with chains to prevent them from spreading under load
  • 3 anchor points
  • Winches and other attachments available
  • Fully extended height of 10 ft at the anchors

    Vinyl transport bag for storing and carrying your SKED-EVAC® Tripod (SK700) . The Skedco SKED-EVAC® Tripod Storage Bag features heavy duty vinyl-coated nylon material and an extra long zipper along its full length and across it’s ends to facilitate easy repackaging. It has a pocket inside in the center to store the bag of chain which comes with the tripod, preventing the chain from sliding to one end when the tripod is carried. There are handles in the center and on each end of the bag. This bag has a 9″ diameter and a 7’1″ length, and will make nearly any brand of tripod easier to carry.



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