PMI Skylotec Lift Fix Hand Grip



Product Description

An ascender that attaches at the chest. Moves with the user and provides good protection in the event of a fall. The designed for use with 8-13 mm ropes. The hole for the carabiner has a diameter of 15 mm.

  • Art. no.: H-064-R
  • EAN: 4030281025153
  • Standard: EN 12841-B:2006, EN 567:2013
  • Max. number of persons: 1
  • E-class number: 40-02-01-90
  • Customs tariff number: 76169990
  • Weight: 0.49 lbs
  • Size: 203 x 90 x 28mm
  • Material: Aluminium (Anodised)

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