SMC Autolocking Lite Alloy Steel Carabiner TRIGUARD / DUALGUARD


Expanding the line up of the very popular Lite Alloy Steel Locking Carabiner, SMC announces the TRIGUARD™ and Dual Guard Carabiner.

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If you love the ever popular NFPA Lite Alloy Carabiner, you will love the DUALGUARD™ and TRIGUARD™ Lite Alloy when you are looking for auto-locking carabiners. The frame for these auto-locking carabiners are the same design as the NFPA Lite Alloy screw gate carabiner; strong, but light weight and smaller so that it fits in one hand without being difficult to handle. These two auto-lock designs are representative of SMC’s commitment to manufacturing only the best carabiners in the world.

The DUALGUARD™ and the TRIGUARD™ carabiners feature an internal gate and sleeve mechanism that insures smoother and more reliable opening action throughout the life of the carabiner. In addition, the gate/ sleeve mechanical components are made from stainless steel to assure longevity even when used in the harshest of environments. The DUALGUARD™ is a two-stage auto-lock that operates with easy one hand motion by twisting the sleeve and opening, all while in the palm of your hand.

The TRIGUARD™ is a three-stage auto-lock that operates with easy one hand motion by pulling the sleeve towards you, twisting and opening, also while in the palm of your hand. No more fumbling awkward movements away from your body or odd hand/body combinations needed to open these auto-locking carabiners.


  • Model #: NFPA102300
  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • Finish: Zinc Plated
  • Dimensions: 4.52″ x 2.76″
  • Gate opening: 0.88”
  • Weight: 7 oz (199g)
  • 3 Sigma test:
    • Major axis– 45kN (10,116 lbf)
    • Minor axis– 12kN (2,697 lbf)
    • Gate open– 11kN (2,473 lbf)




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