SMC/RA 3″ Double Stainless Steel Pulley, NFPA-G


This product line is being phased out until supplies last. Please contact us for availability.

SKU: 155500

Based on Russ Anderson’s original design, these pulleys are essential equipment for the serious rigger. Rotating side plates allow attachment of the pulley anywhere on the rope and the 3” and 4” models will accept multiple carabiners. Axle nuts are marked with a blue witness line to indicate if the axle nut has been turned or tampered with.

Weight 1.1 lbs
Width 2.5” (6.4 cm)
Weight 1.01 oz (460 g), 1.06 oz (482 g)
Compliant BERRY COMPLIANT, NFPA 1983 (2017), T



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