SMC Space Station


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Designed for elite rope technicians, the all-new Space Station adds even more capability to the TerrAdaptor, the world’s most versatile industrial tripod.

Multiple configurable connections via TerrAdaptor

head and leg couplings

One fixed and one floating rigging plate enables

loads to self-center

Can be split into two halves and attached to either

TerrAdaptor grey perf tubes or orange mid tubes

Can be setup as single, lightweight mono-pod head

Beefy 5/8” thick rigging plates can accommodate NFPA

G-rated eye-to-eye loads (50kN) and

T-rated axial loads (24kN)

Integrated rope horn for connector-free rigging options

Seven extra large connection holes on each plate, able to

accomodate multiple carabiners and pass lock sleeves

Includes: Zippered Case, Large ball detent pin, 2 leg

pins, user manual

Weight: 65oz

Made in the USA



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