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A fundamental knowledge and understanding of the essentials in
rigging and rope rescue!

The essentials membership

Jump start your rigging career with a broad overview of the fundamental
knowledge & skills for professional rescue personnel... Paid or Non-Paid.

Virtual Training Content

Read. Rig. Repeat. All courses are online and self-paced, so you can still work in the industry while improving your skills on the industry. Learn from our highly qualified instructors who have years of experience and knowledge in rope rescue and rigging.

In-Course Discussion Boards

Join a growing member-base of riggers and rope rescue workers. Exchange ideas, techniques, and tactics. Learn from one another and become a part of a supportive community of workers in the industry.

Record Your Hours Of Progress

Document your achievements with a record of hours spent in study. Delivered when you successfully finish each course. Prove to the world that you have what it takes to be Rigging and Rope Rescue professional.


Polish Up on the Foundations to Becoming a Rigging and Rope Rescue Professional

The Essentials Membership is Perfect for...

Rescue Teams

Fire Departments

Professional Riggers

Here's what you'll get and more...

Fundamental Rigging Knowledge

Instant Access to the Essentials Membership Library of Several Virtual Rope Rescue Training Courses!

Along with a growing collection of courses, videos, technical manuals and more...

Rig & Rescue with the Essentials

Get the Right Gear at the Right Price!

Save an average of $82 on every gear purchase. 

Essentials members receive up to 20% off equipment at Rescue Response Gear. 
We guarantee that you’ll make back your membership fee in your first year!

All The Tools You Need To Succeed!

No one gets lost with solid roadmaps and gateways to keep you on track with quick and easy "Rules of Thumb" accelerate the learning process.

Ask your inquiries & questions in the course discussion boards and receive answers from instructors. Interact with workers in the industry at all levels, all around the world.

Special Members-Only pricing on equipment sold at Rescue Response Gear.

Exclusive Technical Manuals written by Rigging Lab Academy partners.

Test your knowledge with course quizzes and receive documentation of your accomplishments.

Grow & Expand Your
Knowledge & Skills

Courses are focused on helping you build a strong and stable foundation of critical, must-know rigging skills, no matter your level of experience.

Get to Know The Contributors

Our courses are taught by world-class, experienced and certified instructors. 

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Benefits of the ESSENTIALS membership:

Train As A Team!
Get An All Access Unlimited Team Membership.

Progress & learn new concepts with your team
Rigging Lab Academy is an online training hub ideal for professional rigging teams.

Be the professional rescue rigger you were trained to be

Join The Essentials Membership at Rigging Lab Academy today and get Instant access to the Essentials library of 9 virtual rope rescue & rigging training courses and much more!

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