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Stop Wasting Money Buying The Wrong Gear

Get the right gear the first time and learn how to use it

Learn About What You Need

In-depth knowledge of systems and the equipment needed to build those systems.

Buy The Right Gear

Technical know-how means precision purchasing ~ matching systems and gear perfectly.

Innovation and Proficiency

Your In-House Technical Solutions Team making sure your equipment and use are mirrored accurately.

Get the Gear You Need To Succeed

For over 3 decades, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you get the right gear and experience success. Not only will you be equipped with the right equipment, but you’ll also learn the various techniques and solutions to complete the circle.  We team up with Rigging Lab Academy to get you everything your team needs to be proficient and prosperous in all you do.

Maximize Your Time, Save Your Money, and Master Your Skills

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Save money and get the right gear for the right systems.
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Stay up to date on cutting edge and innovative techniques to help you adapt quickly with speed, skill, and competence in any situation.

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Mastering Their Rigging Skills

If you rig Artificial High Directional Anchors (AHDs)...
And you Value Safety for You and Your Team...


What is the Essentials Membership?

Receive up to 20% off on Gear

Our members save an average of $82 on every order. We guarantee that you’ll make back your membership fee in your first year!

Gain Access To Rigging & Rope Rescue Training

Learn new and creative rigging techniques for various disciplines & skill levels. Every paid Essentials member will gain access to a selection of Rigging Lab Academy courses!

Quick Access to Rigging and Rope Rescue Material

We carefully curated our product selection from brands you know and trust. You will be able to easily sort through resources and gear by category and industry.

How it works


With your membership, get up to 20% off standard prices on 3,555 products from the top brands you know and trust!


Discover what you need to know about each class of products so don't waste money buying the wrong gear


Upgrade at any time to take your education further from the best riggers in the industry

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