Cascade Rescue Professional Series Titanium Rectangular Litter


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When the best possible combinations of high strength and light weight are your priority, choose a Cascade Titanium Litter. The most advanced features of any rescue litter available today. Saving 13 lbs over the stainless steel model, this litter is designed for the demanding professional.

Key Features:

  • Titanium frame
  • 4 Articulating Lift Points
  • 3/4” frame and supporting cross members and 3/8” secondary railing
  • Integral backboard
  • UV resistant polyethylene mesh liner
  • Tapered or rectangular shape
  • One or two piece, two piece version uses the FastLock System
  • Available with PMI® FAST installed

1 Piece Litter, 1 Piece Litter W/ PMI Fast, 2 Piece Litter, 2 Piece Litter W/ PMI Fast



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