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The Arizona Vortex is compatible with both the Raptor and Flat foot components to provide secure footing on varying terrain and industrial surfaces. These two foot options are available for purchase as single items or full sets of three.


Raptor (Claw) Foot – uses replaceable carbide tip for optimal grip on appropriate surfaces. Rotates to adjust orientation.

Flat (Omni) Foot – features replaceable rubber sole for optimal grip on flat surfaces. Ball joint easily adjusts to necessary angle.

Flat Foot Replacement Pad – replaces a worn pad on the Flat Foot. Only compatible with the most recent version of the Flat Foot updated Dec 2020 (PN# 727020-01).


Flat Foot – Each (1), Flat Foot – Set (3), Flat Foot Replacement Pad, Raptor Foot – Each (1), Raptor Foot – Set (3)



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