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This unique magnet and lanyard system maintains the position and orientation of the Back-Up Device for optimal performance. It allows the technician to move freely up and down the rope while the Back-Up smoothly tracks alongside them. With the Back-Up Magnet installed, there is no need to manually manipulate the Back-Up device and descents can be performed hands-free. The lanyard length and location also ensures a fall factor below 1. The Back-Up Magnet is classified to EN 354 and compliant with the two-person rescue load data provided under the Resources Tab. When the Back-Up Magnet and Back-Up Device are used together, the Back-Up is compliant with EN 353, 358, and 12841.


  • Maintains position and orientation of Back-Up Device
  • Allows smooth, hands-free travel up and down rope
  • Lanyard length and location ensures fall factor below 1
  • Compliant with Kong guidance for two-person rescue loads


  • EN354:10



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