If patient protection and litter durability is what you are looking for, the Traverse Advantage Plastic Stretcher is right up your alley.

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The Traverse Advantage Plastic Stretcher is a fully constructed high-density polyethylene litter with internal stainless steel framing. The plastic coating protects the patient and allows you to safely slide the litter on its back with a 2500 lb strength rating.  A dual bar system allows the user to tie in the victim with one bar and carry or lift the shell with a higher secondary railing. The top railing is (22 mm) and the closed-cell foam padding creates a non-absorption patient padding that can be easily cleaned, and replaced if necessary. For high angle rescue this litter has StratLoadTM attachment points that allow for protected internal carabiner clipping points. This litter has a weight of 29 lb (13.2 kg) and takes up to 4 weeks to deliver.



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