Horizontal Rigging 3: Major Taglines / 2 Rope Offsets


This is an online virtual course

The Horizontal Rigging series with Pat Rhodes is a multi-part series that unpacks NFPA’s Awareness, Operations, and Technician platforms for elevated horizontal systems. Pat Rhodes has long been considered a mentor to thousands of riggers throughout the world. What he has to say is important.

Here’s how the entire Horizontal Rigging series lays out:

Horizontal Rigging 1: Single Trackline Highlines discusses a single trackline from the control side anchors, through the elevated high points (floating A Frame and Gin Pole) to the termination side anchors. The carriage system and the control lines are also discussed.

Horizontal Rigging 2: Twin Bundle / Dual Trackline Highlines covers the essentials of Anchors, Main Line and Belay Line Systems, Elevated Anchor Systems, Dynamic Directionals within a 2 Rope or Dual Track Highline.

Horizontal Rigging 3: Major Taglines / 2 Rope Offsets goes full steam into Two Rope Offsets or Taglines.

In case you’ve somehow found yourself here without completing the first course in the Horizontal Rigging series, we recommend that you pause this course and learn the material in Horizontal Rigging 1: Single Trackline Highlines and Horizontal Rigging 2: Twin Bundle / Dual Trackline Highlines first. If you’ve already completed these courses, then let’s get started!

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