Petzl gym harness


Easy-to-use adjustable harness without gear loops

Designed for groups, the GYM harness has no gear loops and is easy to don, adjust, and use, making the guide or monitor’s job easier. Identification and marking areas simplify equipment inventory management. The thick webbing offers great durability for intensive use, both in the gym and outdoors.

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  • Easy-to-use, adjustable harness without gear loops:- One single tie-in point for easy use and quick visual checks

    – Green color-coded tie-in point, indicated with label

  • Makes the guide or monitor’s job easier:- Adjustment options at the waistbelt (up to 120 cm) and leg loops (up to 75 cm), allow the single size to fit a wide range of body sizes

    – Easy to don, with contrasting colors on the waistbelt and leg loops (gray inside, black outside)

    – Quickly and smoothly tighten straps with the DOUBLEBACK buckles

    – Webbing ends are easy to grip for tightening waistbelt and leg loops

    – Identification and marking areas on outside of harness

    – Identification label is durable to make inventory management easier

  • Highly durable:- Webbing is durable for intensive use while maintaining smooth adjustments

    – Highly durable tie-in point, with flexible reinforcement and integrated wear indicator of a different color

    – Elasticated rear straps are adjustable and extremely durable

    – Easy to clean


  • Material(s): High-density polyester webbing, steel buckles
  • Certification(s): CE, EN 12277 type C, UKCA, UIAA 105


References C032AA00
Color(s) Black
Waist size: up to 120 cm
Leg loop: up to 75 cm
Weight 480 g
Guarantee 3 years
Inner Pack Count 1



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