Petzl Newton EasyFit MEWP Kit


Personal fall protection kit for working in a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP)

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The NEWTON EASYFIT MEWP Kit provides a ready-to-use ANSI compliant fall protection solution for workers using a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), such as a boom lift, scissor lift, or bucket truck.

It contains a NEWTON EASYFIT fall arrest harness (size 0, 1 or 2), a pre-assembled ABSORBICA-I VARIO adjustable fall arrest lanyard with two Bm’D connectors and two CAPTIV positioning bars, and a yellow BUCKET 15 bag.

Installation is quick and easy; simply attach the carabiner on the shock-absorber end to the fall arrest attachment point on the NEWTON EASYFIT harness, and the carabiner on the other end to the approved fall arrest anchor point in the MEWP.

The NEWTON EASYFIT is a comfortable, ergonomic fall arrest harness that can be quickly donned. It
is equipped with padded shoulder straps and FAST LT PLUS buckles on the leg loops, allowing the
harness to be donned with both feet on the ground, without loss of adjustment. Its lightweight,
breathable design offers two zippered pockets for storing small items. It features two dorsal attachment
points and one sternal attachment point, and meets the ANSI Z359.11 standard and OSHA regulations.

The ABSORBICA-I VARIO adjustable lanyard comes pre-assembled with two Bm’D ANSI Z359.12
compliant connectors and two CAPTIV positioning bars, allowing it to meet the ANSI Z359.13 standard
with no manual assembly required. The lanyard features the VARIO adjustment system, allowing the
lanyard length to be adjusted (3 ft to 5 ft) in order to reduce potential fall height. The integrated compact
energy absorber provides energy absorption in case of a fall and limits the arresting force on the worker,
in accordance with the ANSI standard.

Storing and transporting the kit is made easy, thanks to the BUCKET 15 bag. Made with high-strength
TPU tarp material, the BUCKET 15 is resistant to UV exposure, water, oil, grease, and high and low
temperatures. It also features an external zippered pocket for personal items and a marking area on the
outside for quick identification.


Newton EasyFit MEWP Kit 0, Newton EasyFit MEWP Kit 1, Newton EasyFit MEWP Kit 2



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