Petzl Push Rope 9MM


Semi-static 9 mm diameter rope designed for independent caving and canyoning

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  • Good flexibility and handling:- EverFlex treatment: special treatment and weave improve the rope’s consistency; offers excellent grip and consistent handling over time- handling: the structure of the PUSH 9 mm rope allows good control of the descent- extremely compact: thanks to its diameter and flexibility, it is easy to stack in the rope bag
  • Excellent weight-to-durability ratio:- construction favors durability- remains flexible to help improve durability- length includes a margin to compensate for rope shrinkage during the first uses
  • Great variety of uses:- for caving, canyoning and hauling- comes ready to use thanks to the ClimbReady coil, identification of the rope’s Middle Mark and the UltraSonic Finish on the rope ends

Orange, White


200 m (660 ft), 40 M, 60 m, 70 m



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