A complete ultra-lightweight and compact kit with special cord, designed for skiers for crevasse rescue, rappelling, or roping up on a glacier to get out of a crevasse zone.

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Complete, ultra-lightweight and compact, the RAD SYSTEM (Rescue And Descent) kit allows skiers on mountain terrain to always have the equipment necessary for crevasse rescue, rappelling, or roping up on skis to get out of a crevasse zone. The kit contains a storage bag, 30 meters of RAD LINE 6 mm cord, carabiners, ascenders and a sling.


  • Complete, ultra-lightweight and very compact kit:

    – 30 m of RAD LINE 6 mm cord, developed specifically for crevasse rescue, rappelling, and roping up on a glacier when getting out of a crevasse zone

    – 3 Sm’D SCREW-LOCK carabiners

    – 1 TIBLOC ascender

    – 1 MICRO TRAXION progress-capture pulley

    – 1 ST’ANNEAU 120 cm sling

    – equipment is contained in a storage bag

  • Kit designed for action:

    – ideal bottom-of-the-pack solution for back-country skiers

    – cord is folded for immediate use, eliminating risk of knots or twists

    – two loops on the exterior of the pouch for attaching it to a harness or inside the backpack

    – sewn webbing loops on the top of the bag for attachment of all components of the kit

    – ice screw holder on the outside of the pouch

  • Ultra-lightweight cord:

    – only 660 g for 30 m

    – flexible cord with rough-textured sheath for excellent handling and descent control when rappelling, and to aid in braking when arresting a crevasse fall

    – the hyperstatic cord has less than 2 % elongation, to facilitate rescue maneuvers and eliminate the yo-yo effect during rappels or fall arrest in a crevasse


  • Material(s): aluminum, stainless steel, high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE), polyester, nylon
  • Weight: 1000 g



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