Lightweight, multipurpose belay/rappel device; can be used to belay a second in Reverso mode

The lightweight REVERSO is a multi-functional belay/rappel device designed for cragging, multi-pitch climbing and mountaineering. Reverso mode provides assisted-braking while belaying one or two seconding climbers from the top of a pitch. It accommodates most rope diameters: single rope 8.5 to 10.5 mm, half ropes 7.1 to 9.2 mm and twin ropes 6.9 to 9.2 mm. The specific design of the rope slots allows the rope to glide smoothly and reduces wear.

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  • Multipurpose and easy to use:- classic belay technique with both hands on the rope- ropes glide smoothly through the device

    – can be used for rappels

    – Reverso mode for belaying one or two seconds; commonly used on multi-pitch climbs

    – independent and simultaneous belaying of two seconds in Reverso mode

    – while belaying in Reverso mode, a carabiner placed in the release hole allows the belayer to give slack when the device is under tension

    – rope installation diagrams for belaying and Reverso mode are engraved on the device

  • Adapted to a broad range of rope diameters:- V-shaped friction grooves enable controlled braking- compatible with dynamic single ropes 8.5 to 10.5 mm (11 mm possible, depending on the rope’s suppleness)

    – compatible with dynamic half ropes 7.1 to 9.2 mm

    – compatible with dynamic twin ropes 6.9 to 9.2 mm

  • Durable and lightweight:- the rounded design of the rope slots limits wear and extends the life of the device- compact and lightweight: only 57 g


  • Weight: 57 g
  • Rope compatibility: single ropes 8.5 to10.5 mm, half ropes 7.1 to 9.2 mm, and twin ropes 6.9 to 9.2 mm
  • Material(s): aluminum frame
  • Certification(s): EN 15151-2, UIAA


References D017AA00 D017AA01 D017AA02
Color(s) gray green red/orange
Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years
Packing 1 1 1

Gray, Green, Red/Orange



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