Petzl RRG Back Country Rescue Kit – Individual

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The equipment below includes items needed for high-angle rope work in the backcountry or by search and rescue professionals. This assembly includes head protection, hands-free lighting, fall & travel restraint, litter attending & management, ascending and descending. Additional needs include pick-off rescue and partner belay.


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The TOP can be added to the FALCON MOUNTAIN to create a full body harness, with a built-in chest ascender The BASIC, GO, and FOOTCORD can be paired to create an efficient ascension system

The RIG is a compact self-braking descender with an ergonomic handle for comfortable, controlled descents

Ropework within rescue and access often involves environments at a significant height and even in this, height isn’t the only consideration.  The work can be inside or outside, confined spaces, hazardous or simply straightforward, but strategically challenging.  Individuals and teams need to arm themselves with proper tools of the trade and work in synchronization within a properly defined strategy and tactics.  The more the gear you have on hand is multiplicity the better.

Technical rescue teams respond when the situation is especially difficult and requires significant resources to be deployed. Examples might be a vehicle roll-over off a cliff or into a ravine.  Evacuation of an injured worker from a location that is difficult to access.  Helicopter rescue operations in mountain terrain.

Technical rescue teams operate in any terrain.  They have complete mastery of all progression and belay techniques on a rope.  When the terrain allows, downward evacuation is preferred because of the gravity -assist.  Upward evacuation is a team effort that requires perfect coordination by everyone involved.  It demands techniques which are sometimes particularly complex – Raising systems, creating a hauling system using lightweight pulleys, counterweight techniques, or elaborate systems using high directions.

This kit is the essential ingredient everyone needs to have on hand.



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