Petzl RRG – Back Country Rescue Kit – Team


Technical rescue teams respond when the situation is especially difficult and requires significant resources to be deployed. Examples might be a vehicle roll-over off a cliff or into a ravine.  Evacuation of an injured worker from a location that is difficult to access.  Helicopter rescue operations in mountain terrain.

Backcountry team rescue kits need to be strong enough for 2-person loads, resilient enough for rugged terrain & weather, yet light enough to carry into remote areas.


  • The AXIS ropes are paired in a redundant technical rescue system
  • The MAESTRO S is a descent control device that allows seamless transition between hauling and lowering operations, and an external auxiliary brake for lowering heavy loads
  • The JAG SYSTEM can be used for pickoff rescues, litter positioning, and as a piggyback haul system
  • The REEVE carriage pulley is designed to help simplify and speed up the process of setting up a high-line rescue



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