Petzl swan easyfit stainless harness


Easy-to-use full-body harness with optimized durability for adventure parks

SWAN® EASYFIT STAINLESS is a full-body harness designed for adventure parks. Its straps are color-coded to make donning easier. It is equipped with a FAST LT PIN-LOCK buckle to secure harness fastening; the PIN-LOCK locking system can only be opened by the guide with a special tool. The raised position of the connection point limits the risk of the client flipping. The stainless steel DOUBLEBACK buckles and thick webbing optimize durability for intensive use in damp and salty environments. It comes in a single size and has identification areas to simplify equipment inventory management.

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  • Very easy to use full-body harness designed for adventure parks:- Easy to install on the client, with FAST buckles at the rear of the harness

    – Right/left color coding makes it easier to give donning instructions to clients

    – Self-locking DOUBLEBACK buckles for quick and easy adjustment

    – Excellent grip on webbing ends makes it easy to adjust, even with gloves

  • Features that support the client throughout the activity:- FAST LT PIN-LOCK waistbelt buckle can only be unlocked with a special tool, limiting the risk of the participant opening the buckle

    – Wide ventral attachment point is color-coded green, making it easier to install the JOKO or AVENTEX lanyards and allowing for a quick visual check; the raised position of the attachment point limits the risk of the client flipping

    – Anatomical design is close-fitting yet allows optimal freedom of movement

    – Two side equipment loops make it easy to carry lanyard connectors

  • Optimal durability for easy maintenance and extended product life:- Durable metal attachment point

    – Stainless steel DOUBLEBACK self-locking buckles for greater resistance to damp and salty environments

    – Webbing designed for intensive use and smooth adjustment

  • Easy equipment management for guide or monitor:- Single size, adapts to most body types

    – Marking area on the outside of the harness for easy identification when stored

    – Identification panel on the harness to track the equipment throughout its lifespan

    – Easy to clean

  • Accessories to adapt the harness according to need:- Leg loop foam for greater comfort when hanging for long periods of time

    – CARITRAC stowing accessory to easily stow TRAC trolleys

  • Comes with an unlocking tool for the FAST LT PIN-LOCK buckle which can be easily carried on the guide’s harness


  • Material(s): Polyester webbing, aluminum attachment point, stainless steel buckles, nylon
  • Certification(s): CE EN 12277 type A, UKCA, UIAA
  • Weight per unit: 1125 g
  • Waist belt: <120 cm
  • Leg loops: <75 cm
  • Stature: <200 cm



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