Petzl TOP CROLL Chest Harness


Chest harness for seat harness, with integrated CROLL ventral rope clamp.

Small (8-11mm rope)

Large (8-13mm rope)

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Integrates a CROLL S ventral rope clamp to transform the ASTRO SIT FAST, AVAO SIT, AVAO SIT FAST, FALCON and FALCON ASCENT seat harnesses into rope access harnesses

Connects to the two rear attachment points and directly to the openable ventral attachment point of the ASTRO SIT FAST harness or with a connector to the AVAO SIT, AVAO SIT FAST, FALCON and FALCON ASCENT harnesses

Textile sternal attachment point allows optimal weight and bulk reduction

Foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing. When the waistbelt is loaded, they help distribute the load over the shoulders. The rear connection, on each side of the waistbelt, offers excellent stability.

Shoulder straps equipped with self-locking DOUBLEBACK PLUS buckles for quick and easy adjustment


Large, Small



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