Petzl Trac club pulley



Durable, easy-to-use trolley for adventure parks

TRAC CLUB is an easy-to-use trolley designed for adventure parks. It is ergonomic, with excellent grip, and allows the client to install the trolley on the cable with one hand. The ends are equipped with protective impact surfaces to reduce the risk of pinched fingers, and two connector support grooves to help avoid abrasion from the cable. The JOKO and AVENTEX lanyards are directly integrated in the trolley, limiting the risk of separation or loss. Product life is extended with extremely durable bearings and removable impact surfaces available as spare parts.

SKU: P023AB00


Easy-to-use trolley designed for adventure parks:

– Ergonomic opening system allows the client to easily install the trolley on the cable with one hand

– Two aligned sheaves provide excellent stability on the zip line

– Ergonomic lower section provides a comfortable grip for the client

– Front and rear impact surfaces limit the risk of pinched fingers

– Two positioning support grooves for the connectors limit abrasion from the cable

– JOKO or AVENTEX lanyards are directly integrated in the trolley, so there is a lower risk that the trolley/lanyard unit will be separated or lost

– Connect easily to the harness with the CARITRAC stowing accessory (included)

Excellent durability for easy maintenance and extended product life:

– Single-row ball bearings offer excellent durability

– Impact surfaces are removable and available as replacement parts to extend the life of the trolley


Cable diameter: 9 to 13 mm (may also be used on ropes)

Weight per unit: 455 g

Material(s): Aluminum frame, stainless steel sheave, nylon

Certification(s): CE EN 17109, CE EN 12278, UIAA

Maximum speed: 25 m/s

Inner Pack Count: 01

Product Code: P023AB00



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