Face shield for tree care for VERTEX and STRATO helmets, with EASYCLIP system

The VIZEN MESH face shield protects against flying wood chips and shavings. This full-coverage shield offers complete face protection while ensuring good visibility. It is easily installed on VERTEX and STRATO helmets, thanks to the EASYCLIP attachment system.

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Protects against projected objects during tree care work:
– full-coverage shield protects the eyes and face
– guaranteed ventilation and visibility, even under poor conditions (e.g. humidity)
– allows glasses to be worn
Compatible with VERTEX (1) and STRATO helmets:
– quick and easy installation, thanks to the included EASYCLIP attachment system
– pivots quickly from work position to storage position on top of the helmet

(1) Versions starting in 2019
Weight: 117 g
Material(s): nylon, steel
Light reduction: 30 %
Certification(s): CE EN 1731, S, ANSI Z87.1, EAC



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