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Kit for protection against falls, with NEWTON EASYFIT harness and ABSORBICA®-Y MGO 150 lanyard

ABSORBICA®-Y FALL ARREST KIT is a ready-to-use kit designed for fall protection. It is optimized for work at height requiring connection to metal structures or large-diameter cables and bars. The kit contains a NEWTON EASYFIT fall-arrest harness, a 150 cm ABSORBICA®-Y double lanyard with energy absorber and MGO large-opening connectors, an OK TRIACT-LOCK carabiner, a CAPTIV positioning bar, and a BUCKET bag. It is available in two sizes.


  • Simple to use, comfortable, and effective:- NEWTON EASYFIT harness dons quickly and easily; its construction helps maintain its shape, and it includes two pockets for stowing small items; the leg loops are padded and equipped with FAST LT PLUS buckles, enabling the harness to be easily donned without loss of adjustment, while keeping both feet on the ground- ABSORBICA®-Y lanyard with elasticized arms to avoid hindering progression

    – Stowing system for MGO connectors on fall-arrest lanyards, located on each shoulder strap; in the event of a fall, the system releases the MGO connectors and allows the absorber to be deployed

    – BUCKET bag allows the kit to be stored and its contents identified

  • Contents of kit:- A NEWTON EASYFIT fall-arrest harness (international version)- A 150 cm ABSORBICA®-Y double lanyard with energy absorber (European version) and MGO large-opening connectors

    – An OK TRIACT-LOCK carabiner and a CAPTIV positioning bar

    – A BUCKET bag


Size 1, Size 2



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