The Vortex Guidebook


Join us as we break down the mode of use, applied forces, the tendency of movement, guy angles, the application of physics designed into Arizona Vortex, and working with artificial high directionals.

“Specialized training and experience in technical rigging is absolutely essential for safety use. This manual/guidebook is not a substitute for hands-on training, but it will accelerate it beyond your wildest dreams”

About the Course

The Vortex is ideal for a wide range of applications, from access and egress to confined spaces, to the negotiation of complex edges in wilderness environments. The Vortex is the multipod of choice for professionals within the rescue, industrial rope access, construction, military, and entertainment rigging industries.

The Vortex User Manual was written and edited by Rob Stringer, in collaboration with Rock Exotica who provided the product specifications and illustrations. Rob Stringer is the Founder / Director of Highpoint Access & Rescue in Rockhampton, Queensland Australia. Highpoint Access & Rescue was established in 2003, primarily to service the rope access, work at heights and confined space safety needs of Queensland’s electricity generating industry. Over its operational period, Highpoint has grown to provide rope access and professional asset maintenance services to every thermal power station in Queensland, as well as servicing many other industries both on and offshore.

Through extensive use, exhaustive testing (both destructive and non-destructive), and discussions with Reed and other industry leaders, Rob has been able to develop a unique process for the basic Vortex setup. This process and the related “Rules of Thumb” are described in this user manual. Rob has also developed methods to approximate and calculate forces associated with the more complex Vortex rigging, however, this information is not covered in the basic user manual.

What You’ll Learn

Inside this demonstration, we’ll cover topics like…

1.  Vortex Set and Hardware Used

2. Vortex Assembly and Overview

3. Basic Configurations

4. Off Menu Considerations

Course curriculum

Unit 1: Welcome

1.1 How to Use The Arizona Vortex GuidebookFREE PREVIEW

1.2 History of the Arizona VortexFREE PREVIEW

1.3.1 The Rock Exotica Vortex User Manual

1.3.2 Rope Rigging Loads & Forces User Guide

1.4 Design Principles

1.5 General and Specific Warnings

Unit 2: Vortex Set and Hardware

2.1 Arizona Vortex Set

2.2 Vortex Hardware

2.8 Arizona Vortex Components

2.9 Video Tutorial: Arizona Vortex Standard Kit Set

Unit 3: Vortex Assembly and Basic Overview

3.1 Vortex Assembly and Parts

3.1.1 Vortex Assembly

3.1.2 Vortex Assembly A-Frame Head and Gin Pole Head

3.1.3 Vortex Head Assembly – Traditional Tripod and Easel A-Frame

3.1.4 Vortex Assembly Legs To Heads

3.1.5 Vortex Assembly Legs Detailed View

3.1.6 Vortex Assembly Legs To Feet

3.2 Video Tutorial: Vortex Assembly Equilateral Tripod Set Up (Part 1)

3.3 Video Tutorial: Vortex Assembly Equilateral Tripod Set Up Overview (Part 2)

Unit 4: Multipod Set-Up and Use

4.1 General Guidelines To A Successful Operation of the Vortex

4.2 Step 1: Mode of Use

4.3 Step 2: Identify the Applied Force

4.4 Step 3: Tendency of Movement

4.5 Step 4a: Securing the Feet

4.6 Step 4b: Securing the Head

4.7 Step 5: Guy Angles

4.7a A Frame Guy Angles

4.7b Gin Pole Guy Angles

4.8 Step 6: Strength & Stability

Unit 5: Basic Configurations Overview

5.1 Anchor Frame vs Directional Frame

5.2 Equal-Leg Tripod

5.2.1 Video Tutorial: Classic Tripod Tendency of Movement (Anchor or Directional Frame?)

5.3.1 EASEL-LEG TRIPOD (with Leg-Mounted Winch) Anchor Frame

5.3.2 EASEL-LEG TRIPOD (with Leg-Mounted Winch)

5.3.3 Video Tutorial: Easel A-Frame Anchor Frame

5.3.4 Video Tutorial: Easel A-Frame Directional Frame

5.4 Classic Bipod/ A-Frame

5.4.1 Video Tutorial: Classic A Frame Anchor Frame

5.4.2 Video Tutorial: Classic A Frame Directional Frame

5.6 Sideways A-Frame

5.6.1 Video Tutorial: Sideways A-Frame Anchor Frame

5.6.2 Video Tutorial: Sideways A-Frame Directional Frame

5.7 Gin Pole Monopod

5.7.1 Video Tutorial: Gin Pole Monopod Anchor Frame

5.7.2 Video Tutorial: Gin Pole Monopod Directional Frame

Unit 6: Putting It All Together and Other Considersations

6.1a Video Tutorial: Why How What Where – Putting Things TogetherFREE PREVIEW

6.1b Video Tutorial: Why How What Where – Classic A Directional Frame

6.2 Video Tutorial: Strength and Stability

6.3 Video Tutorial: Strength and Stability with Transverse Loading

Unit 7: Strength and Ratings

7.1 Strength Ratings Table

7.2 Vortex Inspection

Unit 8: Wrap Up!

8.1 Where Do We Go From Here?

Unit 9: Complete the Puzzle with Gear – Use Your RLA Membership Gear Discount

9.1 Purchasing Arizona Vortex

9.2 Purchasing CMC AZTEK Pro System

9.3 Purchasing Petzl Jag System

9.4 Purchasing Petzl Maestro

9.5 Purchasing CMC Harken Clutch

9.6 Purchasing Double Clutch TTRS Kit (Full Raise and Lowering System using the CMC Clutch)

Added Perks

Certificate of Completion

Download your personalized Certificate of Completion after completing the course.


“This course will elevate your team’s performance like no other… efficiently and effectively “.

Focused – Detailed – Simplified

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