About the Course When it comes to equipping yourself for a rope rescue, you need the right equipment that is suited to your environment and situation. In this course, we will go over the different types of rope rescue equipment available to you and how to select the right gear for your needs. You’ll learn

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Mechanical Advantage Theory

Get an overview of what mechanical advantage theory is, how it works, and how it can be applied on the field. About This Course Mechanical Advantage is a measure of the force multiplication achieved by using a tool. In most cases, this involves using pulleys, but that isn’t always the case. The purpose is to

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The Vortex Guidebook

Join us as we break down the mode of use, applied forces, the tendency of movement, guy angles, the application of physics designed into Arizona Vortex, and working with artificial high directionals. “Specialized training and experience in technical rigging is absolutely essential for safety use. This manual/guidebook is not a substitute for hands-on training, but

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This kit includes our Litter Harness in addition to the Patient Tie-In System and Patient Tie-In Pelvic Harness. The AZTEK PROSERIES® LT System is included for attaching the litter attendant to the litter harness tender line. Litter sold separately. Kits come with bags and packs for easy equipment organization, storage, transport, and deployment. For a detailed breakdown


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