CMC 1″ Tubular Webbing


The CMC 1” Tubular webbing brings about a new construction of traditional tubular webbing with it’s Mil-Spec Needle Loom Nylon Webbing.

Sold by the foot.

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The CMC 1“ Tubular Webbing is a fantastic piece of webbing. It has been reconstructed from the previous-generation shuttle loom or spiral weave webbing to the new Mil-Spec Needle Loom Nylon Webbing. It is rated at a MBS of 4,000 LBF (17.8 KN) and comes in a variety of colors. One-inch webbing is sold by the foot and has a maximum length of 300 ft on a single spool.

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CMC also sells two-inch webbing in 150 ft spools. The Mil-Spec webbing is comparable in strength and abrasion resistance to the previous anavar side effect spiral weave webbing.


Black, Blue, Cayote Brown, Green, OD Green, Orange, Red, Yellow



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