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Individual MOLLE Pockets available for custom systems

The Radio Pocket holds a single radio and closes with a side release buckle. The Multi-Use Pocket can be used to hold a small multi-tool or cell phone. Made of permeable mesh, the Gas Monitor Pocket allows the monitor to detect gases without being removed.


The Unique MOLLE Attachment System

The Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) Attachment System: the current military standard for quick and easy attachment of different pockets and accessories to chest harnesses, vests, and packs. MOLLE allows you to custom organize your gear by attaching the types of pockets and attachments that work best for you. MOLLE pockets are infinitely adaptable. Our hook-and-loop attachment system can be woven through existing MOLLE attachment systems, including those on our new Whitney and Palisade packs. When full, our MOLLE pockets are snug and secure, do not sag, and remain firmly attached.

Radio Pocket 434025 BLACK
Multi-Use Pocket 434035 BLACK
Gas Monitor Pocket 434055 BLACK

Radio Pocket, Multi-Use Pocket, Gas Monitor Pocket



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