CMC Ultra Pro Edge Protector


The CMC Ultra-ProTM Edge Protectors are a slick, friction reducing, low profile edge protectors that take rope protection to the next level. This protector forms to edges and is available for two or four rope systems.

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The CMC Ultra-ProTM Edge Protectors level up to the competition. With direct site design you will always know your rope is safe, unlike most covered edge protectors. The CMC Ultra-ProTM Edge Protector design is a super slick, high dexterity piece of gear that conforms to your edge in a low profile manner. Sharp bends and edges are no problem for this protector and it comes in a two or four rope build to accommodate your next project. This protector can also be linked together to allow for extended protection and comes with carabiner loops for tie-off’s. The Ultra-Pro 2 comes in at 16 by 6 in (41 by 15 cm) and the Ultra-Pro 4 comes in at 16 by 10 in (41 by 25 cm).


Ultra Pro 2, Ultra Pro 4



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