Foundations & Concepts of Slackline Rigging 1: More Than Just an Introduction


This is an Online Virtual Course

Foundations & Concepts of Slackline Rigging is a quintessential body of work created exclusively for Rigging Lab Academy by Jason Fautz. Jason has long been considered one of the most authoritative figures in this emerging market of slackline. His own foundations in rigging were created in places like Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Park while his background in engineering lead him through many epiphanies about how rigging should and shouldn’t be done. Jason, like the culture of slackline, isn’t without his controversial side in that his passion for the sport and its larger than life presence in the global market has Jason in places that are not alway so enviable. His stance on ethics and relationships, with that of art, science, and the sheer energy of life as lead to him to the creation of this first ever body of work on what and how slackline rigging should look like.

Here’s how the entire Foundations & Concept of Slackline Rigging series lays out:

  • Foundations & Concepts of Slackline Rigging 1 covers Basic, Primitive, and Ratchet Systems as well as their applications and materials used.
  • Foundations & Concepts of Slackline Rigging 2 covers Longline and Trickline Systems, Pulley and Mechanical Advantage Systems or Multipliers, Force Vectors, and options for other variations in systems.
  • Foundations & Concepts of Slackline Rigging 3 covers Highlining, Anchors, Ethics, and Tensioning Systems.

This is the first course available in the 3-part series. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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