Litter Operations & Patient Evacuation


Learn how to create litters that are strong, rigid, and adaptable to many different applications.

About the Course

“Rope based litter operations have become the hallmark of rope rescue team around the world. The moving of an injured patient over, around and through various terrain types is most often best accomplished by packaging that person in a litter. Modern litters are strong, rigid and adaptable to many applications. Teams that are serious about patient care and transport will devote a considerable amount of training time perfecting their litter based technique and operations.” – Steve Crandall

What You’ll Learn

Join us inside this exclusive Litter Operations course where we’ll be breaking down topics and concepts like:

Movement through Class 1-2 Terrain

Why moving through Class 2-3 is not a walk in the park

Navigating steep terrain in not glamorous and why

Why vertical terrain possibly the easiest on the body

And more!

Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Welcome


1.2 Terrain Assessment and Rope Rescue Strategy and Tactics

1.3 Attendants, The Patient, Class and The Form

Unit 2: Low Angle Litter Handling and Management

2.1 Low Angle Definitions, Terrain and Moving The Patient

2.2 Route Finding and Getting Through

2.3 Low Angle Litter Management

2.4 Quiz: Low Angle Litter Handling

Unit 3: Class 3-4 Litter Handling

3.1 Class 3-4 Litter Handling

3.2 Transitioning from Class 3 to Class 4 Litter Movement (Twin Tension System)

3.3 Guiding Lines in Class 4 Litter Rescue and Evacuation

3.4 Quiz: Class 3-4 Litter Handling

Unit 4: Class 5 Litter Handling

4.1 Class 5 Litter Handling

4.2 Video Tutorial: Vertical Litter Rigging (Ground Exercise)

4.3 Video Tutorial: Class 5 Litter Handling (Technician Level)

4.4 Video Tutorial: 5th Class Litter Raise: Horizontal to Vertical Raise

4.6 Litter Tender Basics High Angle

4.7 Quiz: Class 5 Litter Handling

Unit 5: Patient and Litter Packaging

5.1 Patient and Litter Packaging Overview

5.2 Patient Tie-In Systems

5.3 Video Tutorial: Patient & Litter Packaging, Option 1

5.4 Video Tutorial: Patient & Litter Packaging, Option 2

5.5 Patient Packaging – Immobilization Systems Introduction to the Spec Pak

5.6 Patient Packaging – Immobilization Systems – Spec Pak – Where Why How

5.7 Patient Packaging in a Hole – Spec Pak

5.8 Patient Packaging – Sked Stretcher Spinal Packaging – Horizontal and Vertical

5.9 Video Tutorial: Tower and Structural – The Litter Scoop

5.10 Quiz: Litter Packaging

Unit 6: Wrap Up

9.1 Wrap Up

Added Perks

Additional features Rigging Lab Academy Members are enjoying

Certificate of Completion

Download your personalized Certificate of Completion after completing the course.

100% Self-Paced

Go through the course material as fast or as slow as you’d like.

Private Discussion Board

Ask questions, meet other students, and even chat with the course instructor.

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