Petzl Axis 11mm Rope


Static kernmantel rope for today’s demanding rope work. The 11mm (7/16”) AXIS line of rope from Petzl features innovative design that helps maintain the rope’s shape, while giving the rope a great handle for knotcraft.

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Low stretch kernmantel rope

A specific construction for each use and a choice of lengths and colors according to user needs. EverFlex construction: consistent performance over time. Petzl low stretch kernmantel ropes are made with a nylon core and a specially-braided polyester sheath. The Axix construction ensures great flexibility over time under any conditions (water, dust, mud…). The flexibility allows it to maintain consistent handling over the long run and optimal functioning with devices.

Petzl low stretch kernmantel ropes come standard in several lengths, according to user needs and activities. They are also available in six colors (1) for easy differentiation of working ropes, safety ropes, and common access ropes.

Petzl low stretch kernmantel ropes are certified to the following standards:

– European: CE EN 1891 type A, UIAA

– American: NFPA 1983

– Russian: EAC


Black, Blue, Orange, Red, White, Yellow


1200ft, 150ft, 200 m (660 ft), 200ft, 600ft



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