WARNING: The HELO ADJUST is a singular purpose tether designed for Military Operators only who require travel restraint and a quick disconnect function when traveling inside of helicopters. All other unauthorized uses of the tether are prohibited. This Item can only be sold to US Military unit.

Petzl dealers can only sell HELO ADJUSTs (L44IHE 065 & L44IH 065) to end users at the US Department of Defense. Petzl must validate the end user customer. To achieve validation, the Rescue Response Gear must send proof that the customer is DoD, either by sending the end-user purchase order directly to Petzl, or the end-user can email Petzl customer service directly stating that they are purchasing XYZ# of units from Rescue Response Gear.

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The HELO ADJUST is a restraint device intended to limit passenger movement while traveling inside of helicopters when seatbelts or other restraint systems are not available or being used. Designed for Military use only.

The HELO ADJUST restraint device provides one-hand adjustability for operators who need to tether themselves within a helicopter, quickly ingress or egress. The HELO ADJUST is formed from a unique aluminum adjuster, semi-static rope, EASHOOK OPEN and snap shackle.

The adjuster requires only one hand to lengthen the tether and automatically locks when the tether is loaded. To shorten the tether an operator simply pulls on the free end of the rope.

The EASHOOK OPEN connector supplied with the tether includes an automatic locking feature which facilitates rapid connection/disconnection from an anchor point.

In emergency situations, the operator can also disconnect from the tether by releasing the snap shackle.

 The HELO ADJUST meets the performance criteria and testing validation for the safety belts and lanyards program set by the Program Manager, Special Operations Forces Survival, Support & Equipment Systems (PM-SOFSSES) office at the U.S. Army Soldier Research Development, and Engineering Center, Natick, MA and is included in the Approved Product List.

Adjusts from 45-76 cm / 18″-30″ in
Weight: 405 grams / 14.2 ounces
Certifications: EN 358:1999, US Army Approval





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