Rescue Pickoffs


Learn the ins and outs of solo and team based rescues, rope access, pickoffs, caving, and more.

About the Course

Pickoff rescues can run the full gamut of rescue complexities. It can include almost everything from one or two people coming to the rescue of a fellow climber, to a fully orchestrated team based rescue. Because of this, we’ve divided pickoffs into two major divisions:

  1. Solo rescues
  2. And Team Based rescues

These two divisions can be further subdivided into clinging and hanging, depending on whether or not the victim was simply free climbing, or if the victim was using a harness and rope. We’ll dive into these additional subdivisions, and more, inside the Rescue Pickoffs course.

What You’ll Learn

Solo rescues

Team Based rescues


Rural (non-industrial) settings


Rope access




And more!



Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Welcome

1.1 Welcome to Pickoffs – A Whole New World

Unit 2: Suspended or Not Suspended… That is the question.

2.1 Pickoff Overview

2.2 Accessing The Subject

Rapple Pick-Off

Team Based Pick-Off

Unit 3: Classic Forms of Pickoffs

3.1 Video Tutorial: Stake Line Class 2-3 Pickoff – Stranded

3.2 Video Tutorial: Uninjured Victim Pickoff – 5th Class – In Dange of Falling

3.3 Video Tutorial: High Angle Rescue Pickoff Using Petzl

3.4 Uninjured Victim High Angle Pick Off Using Petzl Jag System

3.5 Quiz: Pickoffs Quiz Unit 3

Unit 4: Tower & Industry, Part 1 (Includes Offsets)

4.1 Tower & Industry, Part 1

4.2 Video Tutorial: Pickoff: Injured Worker

4.3 Video Tutorial: Twin Tension Pickoff to Skate Block

4.4 Video Tutorial: Tower Pickoff Control Guiding Line

4.5 Video Tutorial: Tower Workers: Solo Rescue with Victim Clinging

4.6 Video Tutorial: Tower Workers: Solo Rescue with Victim Hanging

4.7 Video Tutorial: Emergency Responders: Solo Rescuer with Victim Clinging

4.8 Quiz: Highlines Multi-Track in the Rope Access Environment

Unit 5: Tower & Industry, Part 2 (Includes Offsets)

5.1 Tower & Industry, Part 2

5.2 Video Tutorial: Emergency Responders: Skate Block End Carry Technique

5.3 Video Tutorial: Emergency Responders: Ground Based Simple Lower End Carry Technique

5.4 Video Tutorial: Emergency Responders: Traveling Brake – Bottom Brake Tender

5.5 Video Tutorial: Emergency Responders: Simple Lower Top Fixed Break

5.6 Quiz: Tower & Industry, Part 2

Unit 6: Rope Access

6.1 Rope Access

6.2 Video Tutorial: Pick Off Rescue Casualty in Ascent Mode

6.3 Video Tutorial: Rescuer Using Rescuer’s Equipment

6.4 Video Tutorial: Rescue Using Victim’s Equipment

6.5 Video Tutorial: Rescue with Casualty in Aid Climb Situation

6.6 Quiz: Rope Access

Unit 7: Caving

7.1 Caving

7.2 Video Tutorial: Direct Haul Pickoff, Variation 1

7.3 Video Tutorial: Direct Haul Pickoff, Variation 2

7.4 Video Tutorial: Counterweight Pickoff

Unit 8: Wrap Up

8.1 Wrap Up

Added Perks

Additional features Rigging Lab Academy Members are enjoying

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100% Self-Paced

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Private Discussion Board

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