The Rope Access Project Primer Level 1


The first level of preparation for a rope access technician.

About the Course

Filmed at Petzl’s North American Headquarters, “Rope Access” refers to a set of techniques where a two rope system with specialized hardware are used as the primary means of providing access and support to workers. It provides a safe, cost-effective, and efficient means of accessing structures and geologic features for inspection, maintenance, and construction. The Rope Access Project: Primer is a three-part series that explicitly cover s the three definitive levels of rope access skill-sets and prepares technicians for safe working at height and is a continuous model for technique retention.

What You’ll Learn

In this first course, The Rope Access Project: Primer Level 1, we dive into concepts such as:

Ascent & change over to descent

Ascent using a descender

Passing knots

Passing short deviation

Aid climbing

Rope to rope transfer

Passing a long deviation (Re-Belay)

Rescue using victim

Using rescuer equipment

And more!

Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Welcome

1.1 Welcome

1.2 Video Tutorial: Welcome

Unit 2: Ascent & Change Over to Descent

2.1 Ascent & Change Over to Descent

2.2 Video Tutorial: Ascent & Change Over to Descent

Unit 3: Ascent Using a Descender

3.1 Ascent Using a DescenderFREE PREVIEW

3.1 Video Tutorial: Ascent Using a Descender

Unit 4: Passing Knots

4.1 Passing Knots

4.1 Video Tutorial: Passing Knots

Unit 5: Passing Short Deviation

5.1 Passing Short Deviation

5.2 Video Tutorial: ​Passing Short Deviation​

Unit 6: Passing Edge Protection

6.1 Passing Edge Protection

6.2 Video Tutorial: Passing Edge Protection

Unit 7: Aid Climbing

7.1 Aid Climbing

7.2 Video Tutorial: Aid Climbing

Unit 8: Rope to Rope Transfer

8.1 Rope to Rope Transfer

8.2 Video Tutorial: Rope to Rope Transfer

Unit 9: Passing a Long Deviation

9.1 Passing a Long Deviation (Re-Belay)

9.2 Video Tutorial: Passing a Long Deviation (Re-Belay)

Unit 10: Rescue Using Victim

9.1 Rescue Using Victim

9.2 Video Tutorial: Rescue Using Victim

Unit 11: Rescuer Using Rescuer’s Equipment

11.1 Rescuer Using Rescuer’s Equipment

11.2 Video Tutorial: Rescuer Using Rescuer’s Equipment

Unit 12: Fall Arrest Lanyard

12.1 Fall Arrest Lanyard

12.2 Video Tutorial: Fall Arrest Lanyard

Unit 13: Petzl Shunt Statement & Safe Tec Duck-R Replacement

13.1 Petzl Shunt Statement & Safe Tec Duck-R Replacement

Added Perks

Additional features Rigging Lab Academy Members are enjoying

Certificate of Completion

Download your personalized Certificate of Completion after completing the course.

100% Self-Paced

Go through the course material as fast or as slow as you’d like.

Private Discussion Board

Ask questions, meet other students, and even chat with the course instructor.


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