CMC Stainless Steel Rescue Litter Split Apart


The CMC Stainless Steel Split-Apart Rescue Litter is rescue-oriented approach derived from a classically styled Stokes litter, that has the ability to split apart for easier storage and transport.

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The CMC has taken the classic Stokes military-style litter up a notch with the CMC Stainless Steel Split-Apart Rescue Litter. Featuring DuratheneTM netting, this litter helps to reduce cuts and potential scratches from traditional wire framed litters. Built with a back support molded with polyethylene for durability, this litter still accepts standard-sized backboards. The ability to break this litter down into two sections increases its versatility in the rescue market through ease of storage and transport. The framing of the CMC Split-Apart Rescue litter allows for a narrower diameter by increasing the steepness of the sidewalls to increase maneuverability. The railings are full one inch diameter top rails. This stainless steel litter comes with four quick attachment straps and StratLoadTM  attachment points, allowing protection from abrasion while using any carabiner and the lifting bridle. This litter comes in a Tapered and a Rectangular design. It is UL Classified to NFPA 1983 – 2012 ed. and rated at a vertical MBS of 30.2 kn (6,789 lbf) and horizontal at 14.2 kn (3,170 lbf). This litter weighs in a little heavier than its brother the non-split litter  at 36 lb (16.3 kg) and takes up to 4 weeks to ship.


Tapered, Rectangular



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