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EASHOOK OPEN anchor carabiner is easy to manipulate

Self-braking system for:

– giving slack quickly

– controlling and stopping a descent

– limiting the force transmitted to the user in the event of a fall

Aramid fiber static rope, 15 m length and 7.5 mm diameter, resists abrasion and high temperatures

Open directional point for:

– guiding the rope during a descent

– freeing the rope to facilitate short rope ascents (by adding a TIBLOC rope clamp and a FOOTAPE foot loop)

Fire-resistant carry bag to attach the system directly to the harness

Am’D connector with CAPTIV positioning bar to favor keeping the connector in the right position and integrated with the device

Different rope lengths available by special order


Working load limit: 140 kg

Material(s): aramid, aluminum, stainless steel, nylon

Weight: 1220 g

Certification(s): EN 341 type D



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